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About Us

Pumpkin Doodle started in 2006 selling cloth diapers and organic kids clothing. We added a little for Mom too with our bamboo clothing line. I created Pumpkin Doodle to share all the wonderful eco friendly, family friendly products that I use at home.

Then as time progressed we added more products and I started to rethink the "just for babies concept". Babies turn into toddlers and then kids...

It was simple, children learn what they live and to grow a green adult you first have to grow a green kid . It was an easy decision to carry organic products for the home and family because babies environment is not just in their rooms, it is everywhere in the home. To us it is more than cloth diapers and organic baby clothes. Babies environments are important and that includes the cleaning products you use, the clothing mommy and daddy wear, the indoor air quality, skincare products, the bedding and furniture. It all is part of the families environment and it is important that everyone in the family have a healthy environment.

Pumpkin Doodle is a term of endearment for our youngest daughter and she has inspired this store.. Mom's do 85% of the shopping and as a mom I know how time is so important to savor with your children. Shopping from store to store can be frustrating. With our store Mom's can order products for the entire family and have more time free to enjoy what mom's do best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality Eco Friendly products at an affordable price which promote "Green Living" lifestyle and environment changes so that children have a healthier future. To give back to communities and the world as a whole to lessen our footprints in business and in our home life. To provide quality customer service. To move forward in the effort of climate change.


It's Hip to be Green is about the Green movement becoming worldwide.. I created it to let the world know about becoming green. Sometimes things have to be a trend before they become popular enough for everyone to do it.. Once that happens... then habits form. My hope with my mark It's Hip To Be Green is that it would become common to use "Green", "be green", live "Green".

Green living is a new way of life and what a great way to get started being green than to have it be the "In" thing to do...


Why It's Hip to be Green? I was having a conversation one day (in 2005) about how I wanted to help spread the word about being Green..... and that it wouldl have to be something big so that people will "want" to do it... a "Green Trend" came up and I realized that if "we" were going to make a real dent in the issues of Climate Change and pollution in this world, it would need to go viral. I came up with "It's Hip To Be Green". To us, being green is so much more than a trend, It is a Hip and Necessary Thing to do....

Every step we take, even a small step, is a step into a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world. Whatever your beliefs about Climate Change - we still have toxic lakes, streams, and drinking water; we still have polluted air, toxic soil and genetically modified foods.. We have oceans swimming with trash and we have people living in sewage infested homes. Being Green is not just about Global warming. It's about "us" as a human race becoming more compassionate about our fellow humans, our wildlife and our health. Taking responsibility for our actions and caring what type of world our children live in...

How Green are we?

  • We use 100% recycled paper and we use green practices in our daily office operations. We use both sides of our paper, we then use it again for messages, then recycle.    Using a 25 yr old stapler, 15 yr old tape dispenser, and file folders that were purchased and have been re-used since the 80's.
  • We use Wind power for our hosting
  • We offset our carbon footprint (see home page C02 stats)
  • We use 1/3 the lighting, we use reusable drinking bottles and shopping bags (work and home)
  • We use non toxic cleaning products (work and home)
  • We grow organic vegetables (home)
  • We use non VOC paint in our office and our home, we reuse, recycle, repair, redesign
  • We refuse bags and non essential items when shopping or eating out
  • We turn off, unplug and turn down our electronic appliances and devices (work and home)
  • We donate items to freecycle and goodwill, we buy used, we support Green businesses
  • We buy Green products as much as possible (work and home)
  • We support Green efforts and write our politicians about Climate change efforts
  • We use beneficial insects, we use biodegradable products as much as possible (home)
  • We conserve water, we buy in bulk (work and home)
  • We provide our products to our customers by Green shipment practices to save the extra route of shipping, to conserve packaging products and to prevent us from having to warehouse products to help save energy

If you have any questions or comments, we love to hear from you. [email protected]