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Green Parents Choose Organic Waterproof Mattress Pads It is surprising to see how many parents go to great lengths to use organic bedding and linens, to choose eco-friendly diapers and clothing, and to feed their child an all natural diet, but to fail to use organic waterproof mattress pads. Instead, these folks rely on the classic PVC varieties that can do a great deal of harm due to their chemical contents. No matter what the packaging might indicate, any rubber mattress cover is going to be full of materials that are toxic and very harmful to children and adults alike. It is only the organic waterproof mattress pads that will keep a child free of harm. A lot of parents aren't even sure why they are encouraged to use pads, and we'll take a quick look at this issue before moving on. The reason that a mattress pad is put over even the very best mattress is because it works as a barrier that prevents dust mites and allergens from exiting the mattress below the sleeping baby, and it also helps to prevent any diaper leaks or other such issues from ruining the bedding too. So, this is one of the reasons that so many rubber and vinyl pads are around, but these always leave a child sweaty, prone to breakouts from reactions with the chemicals, and at risk for inhaling all of the noxious fumes that come from anything made with such harmful materials. The organic waterproof mattress pads, on the other hand, will use only the most natural ingredients to wick away any moisture and will easily protect the mattress beneath it. Most will be machine washable and certified to have used only the "greenest" growing and manufacturing methods. You owe it to your child to ensure that their sleep is healthy, and mattress pads of this kind are one easy way to do so.