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C60 Premium Bamboo Charcoal

C60 Premium Bamboo Charcoal

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Product Description

Our Bamboo Charcoal is created in a patented process using highly sustainable bamboo from the southern coast of Korea. Some of the extraordinary and healthful benefits include Air and Water Purification, Deodorization, Electromagnetic Shielding, Humidity Regulation, and the Release of Negative Ions and FAR Infrared Radiation, all of which can improve the overall environment in your home and office.

  • AIR AND WATER FILTRATION: Absorbs harmful chemicals and substances from the air and water.

  • DEODORIZATION: Absorbs odors from around the house including bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, the fridge, laundry room, garage, basement, etc.

  • RELAXATION: Releases negative ions that freshen the air and FAR infrared radiation that helps you relax, eases joint pain, and improves circulation.

  • ELECTROMAGNETIC SHIELDING: Many electrical appliances emit electromagnetic radiation that can raise your body temperature and cause backaches. Bamboo Charcoal absorbs this radiation, helping to improve the environment in your home and office.

  • HUMIDITY REGULATION: Absorbs excess moisture in the air, and then releases moisture when the air becomes too dry, helping to regulate overall humidity levels in the room.

Label Information:

Indications: Use to help improve the indoor environment in your home and office. Controls odors, regulates humidity levels, and improves air quality.

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