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Natural pest control keep your family safe from toxic chemicals. Learn how you can get rid of insects without harmful chemical pest control products.

Natural Pest Control


This time of year insects seem to be abundant.  Flying insects, biting insects,crawling insects are all a nuisance.  There are many problems with mainstream insect repellants, or pesticides.  The first and foremost issue, is our health.  These products contain neuro-toxins among other chemicals that when inhaled or touched can cause many health issues, including asthma, allergies and brain injury.  A neurotoxin is any substance that cause disruption to the neurological system, including the brain. Pesticides have been linked to many health problems. The other issue with chemical pest control is that it kills indiscriminately and some of those insects it kills are beneficial insects.  They help our vegetables, flowers, and fruit grow and some even eat other pesty insects.  Not only chemical pest control, but bug zappers kill beneficial insects.  It is important for the health of your children, family and pets to use products that are less harmful and easier on the planet. 


Some known effects on humans from mainstream pesticides:

  • Organophosphates work by poisoning the nervous system in pests and while these specific pesticides Malathion and Chlorpyrifos have been banned for home use, they are still found on foods young children eat.  Children that consume these foods have been tested and these Organoshates have been found in their urine samples. 
  • The effects of pesticides on humans is damage to the nervioius system, reproductive system and other organs, developmental abnormalties and hormone function disorders.
  • There have been studies that showed lower immune development, allergies, asthma, and birth defects as well as lower birth weight



    It is important to take precautions to use products that are not hazardous to humans or animals when trying to get rid of those pesty insects.  It is far more harmful that most people realize.  There are several ways to get rid of insects without the dangers of toxic pesticides. 

    • Use Eco Pest Control products such as our iMust Garden products that use botanical ingridients proven to kill pests. 
    • There are also beneficial insects that prey on the insect that you would father live without.  Praying Mantis eat lots of pests and setting out eggs each spring will help keep your outdoor and even indoor insects down. 
    • Pest traps such as bee traps, japansese beetle traps, ant traps and moth traps that use pharamones to attract the insect to the sticky glue paper.  

    Whatever you do, remember that natural pest control is the best way to keep your family happy and healthy.