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Natural Nail Polish for kids, Safe Play Kid-friendly Nail Polish & Polish Remover Nature's ingredients. Mom Approved!

Natural Nail polish is the best to avoid toxic chemicals from entering your body through your nails.

It might not seem likely that chemicals can be a big issue with nail polish until you read the ingriedinets. As mom's we worry about our children's health. Nail polish is loaded with chemicals. Our little girls, and even our big girls, love to have pretty nails. Have you ever gotten light headed from the smell of nail polish? It's easy to see that nail polish is a potential hazard for young girls. If you have ever seen nail polish melt a plastic plate, you might wonder what harsh chemicals are being put on your children's nails. Our chemical free nail polish for kids is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. I love that I can carry Natrual Nail polish for children and adults in such fun and exciting colors. I love that they are odorless and made of nature's natural ingriedients, so that I can be at ease when my daugther wants to play beauty parlor and paint nails. The fun 3D nail art is non-toxic also, so she can have all the fun with her nails as any child would using toxic nail products. The nail polish remover is great because it doesn't have the harsh odor and the harsh chemicals either. No problem if it spills! Kid-friendly nail polish is perfect for birthdays, holiday gifts or just because she is so special. Giving a gift that is non-toxic feels good. Our kid-friendly nail polish line comes beautifully wrapped in a colorful bags and it's great to keep things tidy at home. All little girls should have safe play time! With our natural nail polish they can do just that. Check out our complete line of Natrual Nail Polish along with our Organic Skin Care line at