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Going Green

"Going Green" can be easy. You can go green as much or as little as you like. This page is dedicated to helpful hints on going green. Please feel free to contact us if you have "Going Green" tips you think we might want to add to our site .

The Towel Pyramid
The towel pyramid is for old towels, wash cloths and socks. I use the towels and wash cloths until I need to replace them and they get trickled down the pyramid. Once they are no longer used for people, they get moved down to the dogs. Wash clothes become kitchen rags for spills or I use them for our camping supplies. When they start getting ragged and worn,they become my dusting and cleaning cloths at that point they are very soft and worn and excellent for cleaning. I give the old socks up for dusting or make doggie toys out of them, after that I usually use them in the basement to wipe up oil or paint spills. I'm still using towels I have had for 20 years as rags. If I have too many, I donate them to a business that uses rags.

Look For Recycled Content In Your Everyday Items
Buying items like toilet paper, paper towels, copy paper that have recycled content is getting easier and easier and usually is just a matter of reading the lables. Major grocery chains and office supply stores almost always have some items with recycled content. Wash Out Your Ziplock Bags and Reuse
It sounds silly, but it keeps many ziplock bags out of the landfills. They can easily be washed out in a matter of seconds and dried on a bag dryer. It also helps cut your grocery costs.

One of the biggest and best "Being Green " Tips we can ever give is to RECYCLE as much as you can. There are many ways in which you can recycle. Take your plastic groceries bags back to a grocery store that accepts them for recycling If your city has a recycling program it is a great way to get those everyday items recycled. Give to Goodwill, they sell those items you don't want, that are salvageable,to someone that can use them. Use the freecycle network in your area. (see links page) It is a great way to give. For large items use the yellow pages to find a recycling center that accepts those items for recycling. Many have pick up service.

Don't Buy New
One of the biggest issues with the enviroment is landfills. The landfills are full because we buy and then throw away and many times we throw away useable items or items that could be refurbished.. One of the best ways to help the enviroment by "Going Green" is "Don't Buy New If You Don't Have To".

Buy Natural Fiber Products
Since becoming green is the new phase, more and more products are made from natural fiber. You can buy blinds and storage boxes , laundry baskets, accent pieces and even coffee tables and end tables out of natural fiber products. I even have a file holder made from natural fiber. Furniture is more abundant in natural fiber as well sea grass, wicker also willow and palm. Check your local department stores. Also Target , TJ Maxx and Michaels for these products.

Buy Compostable Products
Trash Bags, storage bags, shopping bags, sandwich bags, plastic table ware and cups, plates etc. all can be purchase in corn, sugar cane and they are 100% compostable products. No need to even worry about recycling them. Clothing can also be purchase in compostable fiber such as the Bamboo products we feature on this site. Carpet made from corn is coming soon. Check around before you buy.

Have Yard Sales
Having yard sales not only helps the enviroment it puts a little extra in your wallet and they can be fun as well. If yard sales just aren't for you try consignment shops. It is a good way to Go Green it keeps usable items out of the landfill. Join in a group and have a neighborhood yard sale.

The Christmas Tree Debate
I have heard many different opinions regarding which is best for the environment . I have researched this subject.: Artificial trees don't decompose even though they may be used for years at some point they end up in the landfil. Live or cut fresh trees are grown in a sustainable forest and the farms plant trees for every tree they cut down. The fresh trees can decompose or be recycled . In our city we recycle Christmas trees by leaving them on the curb side for the city pickup. The city then makes mulch. This mulch is left in a large area in the city for use by the citizens for free. It is nice. So it is my opinion that fresh trees are by far the most earth friendly solution. If Organic trees are availabe it would be even better. Until that time that artificial trees are made from corn or sugar plastic which can decompose.

Buy Products that have Replacement Parts
Some products are designed to be thrown away when they could easily be repaired or have replacement parts. Look into buying products that have replacement parts or can be repaired. It helps the environment by reducing the waste in landfills. Also less products have to be produced thereby reducing emissions as well as other contaminants in the environment.

Think Green
If we treat the earth as if it were our own personal home, treat it with the loving care we would our family and loved ones then being green is easy.  We treat the earth with respect and love and it becomes natural.  Our state of being is "Green".