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Eco Friendly Furniture | Just for kids

In today's world parents are more aware than ever to the hazardous materials used in toys and wall paint etc. That same kind of toxicity also can be found in mattresses and furniture. Since children spend so much time sleeping and playing in their rooms, the off gassing that occurs can be of great concern to many parents. They understand that these toxins are inhaled into their children's lungs and can affect the brain, immune system and lungs. The importance of choosing non-toxic furniture for your child/ children is of utmost importance. Eco Friendly furniture made from sustainable sources can be fun and exciting and still meet the parents criteria for non-toxic and safe furniture. Your child can let their imagination furn wild and have the time of their life and be safe at the same time. There doesn't have to be compromise. Eco Friendly furniture Just for kids, made with a child's need for fun in mind, is quality made and will last for several children, can also be converted to other uses as well, making it very Eco Friendly. The less furniture you have to buy the lesser the carbon footprint, and better on your family budget. Eco Friendly Furniture Just for kids will open your child's imagination to soar on the safari in Africa. Our Eco Friendly furniture is safe, unique and quality made. When shopping for Safe Furniture for your kids keep in mind a few of these tips:

  • Find out what type of wood or MDF is used
  • Ask if they have Eco friendly shipping and packaging
  • Ask if the furniture is coated with low or no VOC finishes

 In trying to meet the needs of your child and the safety of your child, we know there are tough decisions to make. That's why we make that decision easy for you. Providing unique, adorable, fun and exciting furniture for your kids that is non-toxic safe, and eco-friendly.