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Bamboo Fashion is going mainstream

Bamboo Fashion is new to the clothing industry. It is slowing moving it's way up to become mainstream. Still there are some who question the eco-ness of Bamboo clothing. Bamboo fiber is turned into Rayon fabric made from bamboo. It is much like soy or corn blended fiber fabrics. It is much the same process as Tencel and other rayon fabrics. Bamboo is much more sustainable than other fiber fabrics, it is considered one of the most sustainable materials on the planet as it grows up to 12" a day. Kudzu would be the only thing that grows equal to bamboo. Bamboo eats more CO2 than a tree, therefore it is a very eco friendly resource. Bamboo fiber clothing has unique qualities to it that other rayon fiber fabric does not. It wicks moisture, is wrinkle resistant, and light weight and some say it is soft as silk. Our Bamboo Fashion is grown organically and harvested ethically, so you are getting good quality, sustainable and very earth friendly clothing when you buy Bamboo Fashion clothing from us. We love Bamboo! Check out our line of infant and children's bamboo clothing and blankets, Women's and Men's Bamboo Fashion and see for yourself how soft, comfortable and easy to care for Bamboo fiber clothing can be. You'll be hooked!